Isa pizza pie-ah

Sometimes when I am waiting for a friend to discover how to pass her driving test next time, I dream of pizza.  I of course dream of caramelized onions and then I remember there are some left over sundried tomatoes.  I vow to pick up some goat cheese and use the rest of the kale in the fridge.  A splash of wine, fresh time, salt, pepper and garlic and we have ourselves a pizza!

Wine, fire, pizza and this npr playlist and the evening is just perfect.

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Monday night dinner

After a spectacularly sunny and warm weekend today was a cozy drizzly kind of day.  Perfect for this braised chicken.

I made it with chicken breasts and added celery and carrots and bacon.

Paired with salad and this amazing spinach, feta and olive oil bread [next time I will only add a heaping 1/4 C of oil–it was way too much I thought, but still yummy.]

Stephane made us a scrumptious dessert of pears braised in red wine.  Wow.  Maybe Rachel will share the recipe??  :]

Care Package Dinner

Being from the south of the US, there are many foods that I miss from home that you simply cannot get here in Ireland.  I received a care package this past weekend from home 🙂  So I had the opportunity to make dinner that has elements of where I’m from.  Last night we had GRITS topped with a mushroom, bacon and onion cream sauce.  We also had cheesy garlic biscuits (the Bisquick variety).  It was lovely and such a good reminder of home!


Am I allowed to say how incredible sick I am of Spaghetti Bolognese? Because I am. Utterly. To the point where pasta is now a no-go in my life. Which makes me sad, because I love carbs.

So tonight I’m making a break for it and going all Pasta on supper.

Creamy Bacon Carbonara. Yum. My friend Emily makes a great Carbonara and I love how light and creamy it is. Declan is helping me cook tonight, and what’s easier than Carbonara. You just put it all together!!! Which, strangely, reminds me (always) of my friend Hamoun… who once put rice on top of a hot dog and when given strange looks he shrugged his shoulders and said, “well it’s all going to end up in the same place anyway, right?”…

Well this Carbonara created magic in our house. Pure magic. It was delightful. It was a mild evening and the windows were open, the guitar came out in the sitting room, the futbol was out in the backyard, wine was a plenty at din din and smiles and laughter were in abundance. Not to mention the singing.

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Trying out Irish…

Hi my name is Joanna.  I am a new poster to this blog.  I’ve been here for a little over a month and have been trying to get my head around Irish cooking.  I have noticed that most of it mimics the Irish flag (carrots, potatoes and some type of greens).  So here is my latest attempt.  OK!  So the green doesn’t really show up that well, but it’s there.  I tried a Colcannon (mashed potatoes with cabbage) on top of a chicken, carrot and apple pie.  It was actually quite lovely:

Find the recipe here:  Chicken and Apple Pie 

Just give me some thyme…

It’s amazing what a day off can do for dinner.  With the luxury of time, the possibilities are endless.  This dinner was inspired by a caramelized onion and sweet potato tart.  I modified it a bit by making a pizza dough instead of the puff pastry.  Great call if I do say so myself.  Topped it with some Irish farmhouse cheese.  I really thought it would be too carb-mazing with potatoes on pizza.  But it is really just a lovely balance of delicious flavors.


It’s a hodgepodge of recipes and some modifications from joy the baker and fresh 365 .  It tastes like the best of thanksgiving on a pizza.  Your house will smell AMAZING with the caramelizing onions.  wow.

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No more cookies!

Well after getting back from Holiday, Rachel said that I had to do something since I was back– all she had been baking while I was away (so says the blog) were cookies and sweets and other such deliciousness.

Thanks to our farmer friend Denis, this is no more. Today after Mass in pulls Denis, and the boot of his car pops open to veg. Loads and loads of Veg. This is what our pantry looks like right now:

Beets, Cabbage, Onions, Turnips and Carrots. Oh my!

So we started cooking…

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Things that happen

New people come.

Great “old” people go.

I spend the morning {let’s be serious, part of the afternoon too} curled up in bed since the heating is off and it’s cold.

I finally got out of bed and made this bread  it warmed my heart and home.

I walked into the sitting room and found this waiting for me.  I  couldn’t  help but laugh out loud with joy and start dreaming up possibilities.

Of course I needed something to go with that bread and so I made butternut squash, apple ginger soup— a twist on the carrot ginger one.  Yum.

And I needed someone to help me eat all that bread and soup.  Most thankfully I have good friends to call—Rachel and Stephane came and helped out :}

In case you were wondering we had corn on the cob [from the L’arche garden!] for dessert.

It’s all bitter sweet, just like today.


Monday dinners are such a joy–a time to catch up and slow down right there when you need it most.  Found this recipe in a cookbook on the shelf entitled Cooking Boldly—had to try it.  Will post the recipe soon.  In the meantime you can drool over the pictures :}  It was great for using up all the veg that was just on the verge of wasting away in the fridge.  The possibilities are endless–this one is jam packed with tomatoes, spinach, cheese, zucchini.  YUM.