Nutella Banana Bread

Rachel’s birthday is coming soon. She decided that this next year in her life would be a year of moderation (food wise at this point, which will be hard enough).

In honour of her final weeks before entering the epic battle of moderation, I made Nutella Banana Bread.

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Am I allowed to say how incredible sick I am of Spaghetti Bolognese? Because I am. Utterly. To the point where pasta is now a no-go in my life. Which makes me sad, because I love carbs.

So tonight I’m making a break for it and going all Pasta on supper.

Creamy Bacon Carbonara. Yum. My friend Emily makes a great Carbonara and I love how light and creamy it is. Declan is helping me cook tonight, and what’s easier than Carbonara. You just put it all together!!! Which, strangely, reminds me (always) of my friend Hamoun… who once put rice on top of a hot dog and when given strange looks he shrugged his shoulders and said, “well it’s all going to end up in the same place anyway, right?”…

Well this Carbonara created magic in our house. Pure magic. It was delightful. It was a mild evening and the windows were open, the guitar came out in the sitting room, the futbol was out in the backyard, wine was a plenty at din din and smiles and laughter were in abundance. Not to mention the singing.

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You Live, You Learn, You Make Pretzels

Suddenly today I was overcome with a carb/salt/yummy craving.

So soft pretzels it was.

The thing is, we don’t have a mixer. So Joanna and I teemed up and kneaded all the ingredients together, slowly but surely. And after letting the dough rise in the hot press (aka for all you non-Irish, the utility closet) we had lovely fluffy dough.

We made cinnamon and sugar… they didn’t turn out quite right, but not too bad! After the taste testers deliberations, we still aren’t sure about where we went wrong, but we continued to eat them.

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Breakfast on Pluto

In honor of the magnificently splendid and controversial and strange and epic movie that was filmed here in Callan… we are having a party!

Breakfast on Pluto

Ideas are still forming but we’re thinking: Irish Car Bombs (the drink), Irish Car Bombs (the cupcake), Irish Car Bombs (the cake), Irish Car Bombs (the ice cream)… That’s about as far as we can get… Well and it will be a fancy dress party (obviously).

The biggest tribute that will be made is to this man:

Who was the bus driver. And he will tell you that. And then make sure that he told you that. And then ask you again just for good measure. And then one more time.

When in Rome…

I will not eat an egg bake.

But, we couldn’t find our tart pan to make a quiche for the ladies dinner tonight, so instead we used a casserole dish and made an egg bake. Italian sounded good. So we made Italian Egg Bake.

We ate it before taking a picture– but it smelled (and looked) lovely).


1 pound sausage (we used gluten free, and two packs)
— and put basil, salt and pepper in with the oil to cook it
1 ounces cheddar cheese (we used white, and half a block)
6 tbsp diced sun dried tomatoes (couldn’t find sun dried so we chopped up fresh… about 8 cherry)
6 large eggs (we used 10… we had lots of mouths to feed)
3/4 Cup of milk (eyeballed, of course)
1/4 tsp salt (eyeballed, of course)
1/8 tsp pepper (um, yeah, eyeballed)
we skipped the bread crumbs (1/4 Cup called for)
4 tsp shredded Parmesan cheese (we went a little crazy with the cheese)
1/4 fresh basil (we didn’t have fresh, gasp)
-we did add garlic powder but perhaps next time also some red pepper flakes
-also it called for hash-brown… we found nothing close and decided that we would skip it since we’ve never had any luck making our own at home.
– oh and we added mushrooms.

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No more cookies!

Well after getting back from Holiday, Rachel said that I had to do something since I was back– all she had been baking while I was away (so says the blog) were cookies and sweets and other such deliciousness.

Thanks to our farmer friend Denis, this is no more. Today after Mass in pulls Denis, and the boot of his car pops open to veg. Loads and loads of Veg. This is what our pantry looks like right now:

Beets, Cabbage, Onions, Turnips and Carrots. Oh my!

So we started cooking…

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Our neighbor dropped over a huge bowl full of fresh picked plums off of her tree the other day. “There’s more” was her only comment after telling us to use these within two days.

Today we still had an entire bowl of plums.

So I decided to make Jam.

It didn’t turn out well.

On the positive side (always looking for those) while the jam was “setting” I bumped into my dear Father Bernard (my retired Priest friend) and he told me that today I was looking beautiful.

We picked flowers.

And then I discovered that the jam wasn’t going to work out so well.

So I picked some fresh lavendar and stood in the street smelling it until I came up with a backup plan.

Fresh Mango Bread (only with Plums)

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