No more cookies!

Well after getting back from Holiday, Rachel said that I had to do something since I was back– all she had been baking while I was away (so says the blog) were cookies and sweets and other such deliciousness.

Thanks to our farmer friend Denis, this is no more. Today after Mass in pulls Denis, and the boot of his car pops open to veg. Loads and loads of Veg. This is what our pantry looks like right now:

Beets, Cabbage, Onions, Turnips and Carrots. Oh my!

So we started cooking…

First up: Roasted Beets, Carrots and Turnips

Basically we peeled and chopped into big segments all the veg and steamed it for 5 minutes.

After we steamed we put it into a lightly oiled pan and put thyme, tarragon, and coriander and then cut a lemon and squeezed the lemon juice over it and cooked it for 30 minutes.

While that was cooking we made a maple syrup (pure Canadian!) and white wine vinegar combo (about 1/4 Cup of syrup and 2 Tbs of vinegar) by heating it on the stove. We poured this onto the veg and let it roast for another 30 minutes.

Phase two: Beer Bread

3 Cups flour
1Tbs sugar
1 tsp salt
1Tbs baking powder
2 Tsp Thyme
12 ounces Guinness

This baked for about 45 minutes while the veg was still on and they both finished around the same time.



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