The weekly biscuit

applesauce in a jiffy So, since I run this quasi bed and breakfast/retreat center I think it’d be great to have a big jar of delicious cookies/biscuits for people.  So far there are really only guests on the weekends so I am thinking of trying out a different cookie recipe every week to have over the weekend.  This way there will be plenty of people besides me around to eat them!   If not, I can always take them to tea after Mass on Sunday.   This could be a dangerous endeavor.  Well here goes…

Today I started making the dough for these chewy ginger cookies that just happen to be vegan.  Neat.  I had to make my own applesauce because in the real world of Ireland that is hard to find!  In the market I can only find the real chunky Bramley applesauce that is supposed to go with pork.  Maybe everyone just makes their own? Maybe they don’t know how great pureed applesauce is?  Another Irish mystery to solve. Turns out it’s beyond easy to make applesauce, just chop up apples, cover with water, boil for a half and hour and give them a whirl in the food processor. It makes pretty delicious unsweetened applesauce.

The dough is made and is chilling overnight…it tastes good already and the smell is incredible—I wish this was a scratch and sniff blog!

On this rainy day, the smell of baking ginger cookies was perfect and kept my kitchen and self warm this afternoon.  They have been amply taste tested too :}  This will for sure be a dangerous but delicious project.


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  1. Hello my new favorite cooking duo (besides those two tattooed broads with their everyday vegan cookbooks). What a great idea, weekly cookie — now I can be disappointed I’m not in your kitchen every weekend! Just wanted to put in a request as November nears: pumpkin scones with some kind of cream cheesy icing. I’ve really been craving them. Are there pie pumpkins in Ireland? Keep up the great blogging!

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