Tuesday’s Mission: Quick and Healthy

Taco salad and fresh flowers--Thanks Francis!!

Tuesdays are jam packed with goodness—for dinner our goal is to keep it simple and healthy.  Tonight we introduced two very Irish women to taco salad.  It went pretty well, they even went for the hot salsa!

Lessons learned:  Beef–we could live without it.  Next time it’ll be chicken taco salad. Or maybe even black bean??  Too healthy?  Only time will tell.

This one was full of fresh lettuce, ground beef, taco seasoning, garlic, onion, fresh to-mah-toes, red cheddar, salsa and yogurt.  YUM!

On a side note, one of the many things I love about Ireland is that you can very easily buy vegetables that still have dirt on them. Great sign of freshness.  Helps when you live on an island that is essentially one big farm :}

Tip--check the quick sale table often--delicious strawberries for one euro!


One response

  1. Black beans too healthy?!!! Try too delicious! Love the blog and can’t wait for more healthy recipes. Throw in lots of critiques of exquisite European cheeses and chocolate for my Thailand viewing pleasure. You rock!!!

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