Our Obsession…

Yes, you can probably call it that. It’s easily an obsession of looking at yummy pictures and licking our lips while there are desserts and other wonderful creations found daily here: Joy the Baker.

But each and every time I find myself thinking and commenting as I look through the recipe, “yeah right Joy, like this is going to happen”… Avocados in Ireland, you wish! Quinoa easy to find, yeah right!

Which leads us to our new adventure: Joy the Baker in the Real World, Irish Style.

Because yes, we love you Joy the Baker, but some things just don’t work out perfect for us. We have a tendency to replace items on the recipe list, sort of just “eyeball” measurements, and not take a lot of photos because food tends to just get gobbled up. Well, what are you going to do.

Take 1:

Quinoa Black Bean Mango Salad

We're in this one---upside down in the spoon :}

Yum. Right!?? Well, everything worked once we found a Mango at the market in town. Then Abbas, who owns the health food store, had this wonderful tri-colored Quinoa. We could not find black beans, so we went for the pinto/kidney bean mix (tri colored as well). YUM YUM YUM is all I can say. It was SO lovely and citrusy!

Here is my favorite Quinoa Salad recipe, and a bit more Irish style (sort of)

olive oil and
lemon juice.
its hot pink!

Take 2:

Milk Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Seems easy enough? Wrong. chocolate chips are expensive! And, they come in these teeny tiny little packages. NOT enough for yummy and gooey. Plus, let’s just admit it, Irish pancakes are more along the “crepe” side of the spectrum, and well, that just doesn’t make it good for fluffliness. It just doesn’t quite work.

But there’s chocolate chips, which means it’s good.

Tip: In Ireland when making chocolate chip cookies, just get a chocolate bar and mash it to pieces for big nice flakes of chocolate. Plus, Irish chocolate is MUCH better than American. Just saying.


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